Changes at Burger Bar
The past three years here in Kensington Market have been wonderful: transforming from Rice Bar to Burger
Bar, becoming a craft beer destination, and starting up the Kensington Brewing Company.
Who would've thought that the fresh juices and cocktails I started out concocting 20 years ago at Azul would bring me
full circle to brewing beer.
What's the logical next step?
For me, it's a Bricks and Mortar brewery: growing from a contract brewer to having our own little brewing facility right
here in Kensington Market. For us to grow, something has to change.
To do this, the focus has to be put on just one business. Juggling 2 or 3 at a time stretches one too thin.
So starting in January 3rd , I will no longer be involved with Burger Bar. It's not an easy decision, as restaurants are all
that I've ever really done. But change is not something that I'm afraid of. I've been known to say, “I've got more Guts
than Grey Matter”, and it hasn't done too bad for me in the past.
There will be new proprietors here at 319 Augusta Ave as of January 4 2013. They are keeping the rights to the name,
and the space will undergo renovations. The end result I'm not exactly sure of, nor what changes will be made, but I wish
them the best, and you shouldn't have a problem still finding Augusta Ale on tap. I'm strongly advising them to keep the
Onion Rings as they are. We wouldn't want a revolt.
I've met a lot of great people here, and I expect to see you down the street at the new home of the Kensington Brewing
Company when we open up in late 2013.
But before we go, why not join us for one of these events below:
Going Out with a Bang!

Half Off Big Bottles!
All large format bottles, are half off,  from now until Jan 1st, or until they are all gone!

BB / KBCo Holiday Gathering Dec 30th  2-6pm
Come join us for a pint or two Sunday afternoon for some Holiday Cheer!
We will be pouring samples of Southern Tier INIQUITY Imperial Black IPA, 
and who-knows-what else.
New Year's Eve
Join Jordan St John for a tasting of Westvleteren XII.
We got our hands on some of this very rare Belgian stuff.
Let's be civilized adults and gather around 9pm.  If it lasts til midnight then so be it!
New Year's Day
Hangover Helper Brunch SERVED ALL DAY!
$4.50 Pints, Caesars & Mimosas
$10 Hangover Helper Plates
Full of Good Grub
(Veg  Option Avail)
Open @ 11am
Keep in touch with me - Brock Shepherd